Extraction Canopy Cleaning

The complete Extraction Canopy is cleaned. The canopy grease traps & canopy gutters are cleaned. All leaks on the canopy are sealed.

Filter Cleaning / New replacement filters

The filters are removed & cleaned. New replacement filters can be supplied if filters are broken or missing.
Please note: The filter system in an important part of the system. The filter back serves as the immediate barrier against the possibility of a fire & determines how much grease is deposited onto the fan and into the duct. Filters must be replaced if missing / broken or mesh type. (Must be stainless steel type filters).

Duct Cleaning

The grease is removed from the vertical & horizontal duct. All leaks are sealed.

Extraction Fan & Outlet

Vent Care will check & clean the fan motor, blades, fan housing, outlet & weather cowl. The efficiency (airflow) will be tested on completion of the clean. Cleaning the fan will increase the extraction efficiency & prevent it from burning out.

Cleaning Certificates SANS 1850 : 2014

Vent Care will issue a cleaning certificate on completion of the service, stating the date of the service, the service procedure & the next due date. These certificates are required by Fire Departments, Health Departments & Insurance companies for inspection purposes & in the event of a fire starting in the kitchen.

Please note: Vent Care offers a breakdown service which includes fan repairs & fan replacements. We also offer a three (3) month guarantee against grease leaks.

Kitchen Extraction Canopy Systems are extremely dangerous fire hazards. They are cleaned, serviced & maintained to reduce the possibility of fire in the kitchen. A regular clean & service increases safety in the kitchen, reduces the risk of fire & improves general hygiene levels. Cleaning & servicing Kitchen Canopy Extraction Systems also increases the extraction fans life & improves extraction efficiency, thereby reducing kitchen temperature.